Plastic Molding

Specific products

The product is shaped by injection and extrusion molding. The product has high dimensional accuracy and good surface. Different materials can be produced according to customer needs.

product description

Injection molding: a method of using an injection machine to quickly inject molten plastic into a mold and solidify to obtain various plastic products
Extrusion: The process of continuously extruding the plasticized plastic into the mold by means of screw rotation and pressure, and obtaining a plastic profile suitable for the shape of the mold when passing through a certain shape of the die.



Machinable material


Advantage points description

1. Process cost: high mold cost but low single-piece cost;

2. Typical products: automotive plastic parts, consumer electronics plastic shells, etc.;

3. Suitable for production: generally only suitable for mass production;

4. Quality: The surface accuracy is extremely high, and the shape error of the same batch of products is small;

5. Fast processing speed



1. In the production process, the product lacks glue, sometimes increasing the injection pressure and speed is invalid, why?

After a period of production, the melting glue continuously takes away the heat, resulting in insufficient melting glue, high viscosity, and poor fluidity, making the product lack of glue. It can be solved by increasing the temperature of the material pipe.

2. The cause and solution of the oval product.

The ellipse of the product is due to the unevenness of the glue, causing uneven pressure around the product, making the product elliptical. Three-point glue can be used to make the product glue evenly.

3. The rationality and selection method of mold exhaust point.

The mold vent point is unreasonable, not only will not achieve the venting effect, but will cause product deformation or size changes, so the mold vent point should be reasonable.

4. Reasons and solutions for product fragility.

The product is easy to be brittle because the product uses too many nozzle materials and secondary materials to cause the product to be brittle, or the material stays in the material tube for too long, which causes the aging of the rubber and makes the product brittle. Increase the proportion of new materials and reduce the number of times that the nozzle material is recycled, generally not more than three times, so as to prevent the rubber material from staying in the material pipe for a long time.

5. Reasons and solutions for fiberglass products prone to pan-fiber.

Due to the low melt temperature or low mold temperature and insufficient injection pressure, the glass fiber cannot be well combined with the plastic in the glue, causing pan-fiber to appear. At this time, the melt temperature and mold temperature should be increased to increase the injection pressure