Processing Of New Energy Auto Parts

In August 2019, our company officially cooperated with Shanghai New Energy Automobile in precision machining of main parts such as motor shafts, bushings and gears. At present, more and more consumers will consider electric vehicles when buying a car. New energy vehicles can reduce ecological pollution to a certain extent and contribute to the sustainable development of resources. In addition to environmental protection, emerging technologies are also a highlight of attracting consumers. The world’s major automakers have also put more focus on the field of electric vehicles. Entering the new energy automobile industry represents a new step for our company.

Processing of new energy auto parts

New energy vehicles include battery electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. Sales of new energy vehicles in China have been among the best in the world since 2015. Some infrastructure, charging stations and charging piles are also being researched, developed and implemented in China.


New energy vehicles have become the future development trend of the automotive industry. Adapting to the development and optimization of transmissions for new energy vehicles has become one of the main tasks of the transmission industry. As a key component in the new energy transmission, the gear shaft parts are also related to the production of our company. The main products, using the industry’s top automated processing technology and equipment and highly standardized, intelligent lean production line, are committed to the production, assembly, testing, application engineering and sales of new energy vehicle related products and their parts, and build a trustworthy customer. Sophisticated products.