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ETCN is a china machining company that makes parts from you 3D models by CNC machining and 3D printing. Currently there is a CNC machining center, automatic lathe, surface grinding machine, meter lathe, CNC lathe, milling machine, plastic injection machine, stamping machine, and many other machines. Our capabilities include lathe work, wire cutting, deburring, sht and sand blasting, heat treatment, heat treatment, surface plating, stamping, casting, copper parts, machining, and power coating. So no matter what your machining parts are we will be able to offer you with the services that you need.

We have the experience to one hundred percent inspect our machining parts components before distribution ensuring only the highest quality to our beloved customers. We have high quality and low cost, and have gained a reputation for both of these factors, and it has become the key to our success for the many years we have been in business. Many of the products we have been created have been widely applied in electric motor component, automotive, electronic, instrument parts, auto machine accessory, communication equipment, medical treatment, sporting equipment, optics instruments, fire protection devices, and many more other components and equipment.

When you hire us for whatever your needs are we will be able to provide CNC machined parts to whatever your specifications are. Our facility are quick and accurate due to our proprietary technology rapidly analyzing your 3D models and programs to produce whatever your machining parts are that you need. We will ensure that your parts are made exactly as you want them designed. We will be sure to also deliver your parts on time and protect your intellectual property, and the quote that we price will be the price that you pay regardless of what will be needed to be done in order to meet your expectations.

From the moment we receive your request for a quote through the delivery of your parts you will be able to find us to be very reachable and to be a very communicative and collaborative partner. We completely understand that keeping you apprised of the progress on your order will give you peace of mind and helps to build trust between us and our customers. We rarely have challenges meeting out commitments, but if we do we will be sure to communicate them as early as they appear. We will be sure to work with you to ensure that your will have the best service you can get.

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