Customized Casting Part

At ETCN China machining we produce the highest quality parts and those operating in the manufacturing industry would know about us. Casting refers to a manufacturing process when burning liquid is poured into a mold thus taking the shape. It is usually done by mixing or combining two or more components in precise amounts to produce the part in question. Our parts are made with the highest quality of metal and casted into perfection. We are the leading manufactures in Zinc and Aluminum parts and also specialize in customized casting parts. Our product range is extensive ranging from steel sand casting to customized casting parts to Zinc die casting products. Since each client and party has different requirements we tend to manufacture parts that have multiple applications.

Our top of the line production techniques allow us to cast parts as small as 2 ounces and as large as 100 lbs. It does not matter if we are casting small metal parts in carbon steel or large, customized parts with intrinsic detailing, we promise our customers to deliver perfectly manufactured parts that are an exact match to your design. Our job is to guide and advice you on the best possible design and whether it is a simple part or your own unique design, we strive to make your dream and your vision a reality.

We follow the highest standards of quality and safety and take absolutely no risk with it. If you have chosen us, be assured that you will get your money’s worth. We purchase the highest quality of copper to manufacture the parts and at each stage our parts are checked for maintaining quality standards. We also understand that affordability is one of the major concerns faced by our clients thus all our products have extremely competitive pricing and we offer the perfect blend of quality and price. Casting parts is of various forms and thus costs may differ but all our costing is transparent and our clients are involved at each stage of the process.

ETCN offer the perfect compromise between affordability and quality and gives you your money’s worth. Choose us now and invest your money in us and we assure you that you will not be disappointed. We look forward to working with our clients in the long run and so we hope to build a long term relationship with you.

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