Air System Trasport And Connections


With long terms of working experience with air compressed and fluid transport filed, we help the overseas customer to find the most reliable and long life of stainless steel or alloy pipe line with fast connections that we called “super pipeline system”.

With the highly developed industrial environment, the traditional industrial pipeline has been unable to meet the customers’ higher requirements for compressed gas. The super pipeline that emerged as the times require can help customers solve their worries in material selection, design and installation.

This kind of pipe line is mainly applied for the Transportation of Air, Inert Gas, Water and other Material. The advantage is to bring fast connection, cleaning and energy saving to improve the efficiency and value of internal pipe line system.

We are committed to reducing unnecessary energy consumption and waste the process of gas transmission, improving the quality of gas, ensuring safe, stable and high-quality clean air delivery to the terminal equipment. This kind of pipe lines are simple in structure, easy to install, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability in Centralization, the quality of products is kept in a high level. Component specifications are comprehensive and can meet the needs of different clients in different fields – electronic appliances, food and beverage, industrial manufacturing, new energy, printing and papermaking, clothing and textile, medical equipment, military equipment.

Andvantages of super pipe line system

Qualified by national examination

Safe and reliable

0 leakage with active sealing

Fast installation of Modularization without welding, binding and clamping

Easy operation without heavy training

Easy to cut and light with convenience of on-site installation

Flexible connection and repeatable connect/disconnect

Easy to add shunt line

Super fine internal and external surface

Over 20 years life load

Smooth internal surface with lower friction coefficient

Optimized design with lower pressure drop at the end pipe line

Air System Trasport And Connections